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HMS Resolution and HMS Adventure

Painting of HMS Resolution and HMS Adventure in the Antarctic

Much more precious than Gold

January 1773
Oil on canvas
12" x 24" (30.5cm x 61cm)
Specially commissioned by the late Ray Chandler

This painting depicts the Resolution and Adventure hove to in the Antarctic in January 1773. The ships' boats are out and the men are collecting ice from the sea to melt down onboard as fresh water. Resolution gained some 15 tons of fresh water this way, and the Adventure some 8-9 tons.

"We found it to yield excellent water, everybody was employed it afforded a very humorous sight, thus to see our people busy, some hacking away at large pieces, others drawing it out of yee sea in baskets and I believe it is yee first instance of drawing fresh water out of the ocean in hand baskets." - Marra: The Resolution Voyage.

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