HMS Exeter

Two paintings by Robin Brooks

The last war ship which took part in the Falklands conflict of 1982 has retired from service on 27th May 2009

HMS Exeter crest
"Semper Fidelis"

'Defence of the Realm - HMS Exeter D89', marine painting by Robin Brooks

'Defence of the Realm'

HMS Exeter D89 ©, size 24" x 36" (61cm x 92cm), Provenance - Artist's Collection until 1984, then to Alexander Galleries and thus to Mrs Solomon, "Squee", of Solomon and Whitehead.

The Commanding Officer of HMS Exeter, Commander Paul Brown, Royal Navy, said,

"As the 21st Commanding Officer of HMS Exeter, the only remaining serving ship that was involved in the Falklands War, I am absolutely delighted to see this painting of HMS Exeter, it is a real work of art and captures the very essence of the Type 42 Air Defence Destroyer and, when it was painted in 1980 Exeter was the latest addition to the Royal Navy and was at the forefront of technology."

Defence of the Realm ©

A magnificent spirited painting of a Royal Navy Type 42 Destroyer at speed. This painting conveys all the poignant symbolism, professionalism and tradition that the Royal Navy upholds in defence of the realm. The ship is shown as she appeared in defence of the Falkland Islands.

Solomon and Whitehead fine art publisher reproduced this fine marine painting as an open edition print for their Guild Print Collection in 1984. Paintings of modern Royal Navy warships are relatively rare and ones of this quality, rarer still.

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands Campaign and HMS Exeter's long and distinguished service career, Black Dog Studios exclusively present 50 only, signed and numbered, reproductions of this historic pre-Falklands painting.

Exeter is shown with one particularly striking feature, which for sometime distinguished her from her sisters and all other Royal Navy warships. She is shown sporting a light blue bottom. Exeter was chosen to be a trial ship for a new self-polishing polymer paint. Exeter's first commanding officer, Captain Jeremy Dreyer RN suggested that the flag hoist be taken from the international code. It reads 'D89'.

This historic pre-Falklands painting of HMS Exeter was created from life in Swan Hunter's Neptune Yard, Wallsend-on-Tyne, in the early summer of 1980. Press to read more.

Letter from Robin Barlow DL FRICS, Fine Art Consultant and Valuer:

The depiction of a warship going about its occasions has been a strongly evocative theme in art for centuries. There are so many ingredients that capture and fire the imagination of the artist - the romance and majesty of the sea, the strength and stubbornness of the ship in such an awesome and powerful environment and the implicit courage and hardiness of its master and crew. If the artist has performed his task of translating all these things to the two-dimensional medium of canvas, panel or paper, then the observer will be similarly fired and stimulated. It is a task which many have attempted and in which few have succeeded. In your painting of H.M.S. Exeter, you have succeeded notably. The lean grace and beautiful lines of the ship at one with its environment, a 'greyhound of the ocean'; the sense of power both as a ship and as a weapon of war speak in clear terms from the canvas. These are things that succeeding generations of the peoples of these Islands have found emotive and stirring. I congratulate you on a painting in the very best tradition of British Marine Painting.

Some time ago, I had the privilege of spending a day at sea on H.M.S. Richmond (frigate rather than destroyer) - it was a memorable experience and reinforced all those things in reality that I had gleaned from years of looking at marine paintings, like yours.

'Defence of the Realm
  HMS Exeter D89' ©
A collector's print  

The 50 prints are in mint condition and each will be individually numbered and signed by the artist. Black Dog Studios absolutely guarantee that there will be no further signed prints when these are sold out. We anticipate that these prints will be very popular, so please call for availability.

'Defence of the Realm - HMS Exeter D89', marine painting by Robin Brooks
Image size 30" x 20" ( 76 cm x 51 cm approx.)
Overall size 33" x 23½" (84 cm x 59.5 cm approx.)

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Each print will be despatched, wrapped in acid-free tissue, in a heavy duty postal tube, together with a certificate of authenticity, plus Black Dog Studios guarantee. The parcel will require a signature upon delivery.

Certificate of Authenticity

Special Offer!!

In this 25th Anniversary year of the Falklands Campaign, these unique prints are available at the special commemorative price of £50.00 incl. p & p. Contact the studios to purchase this print.

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