Special Ships, page 6: HMS Ark Royal

Sailing and HMS Ark Royal

'Sailing' single cover featuring HMS Ark Royal
"Once in a while there comes a sound that captures an emotion. No-one tells you, you know it. The tingle down the spine, the excited knot in the stomach, the lump in the throat, the goose pimples tell you, and for many of us that moment came when a great ship bared its soul and sang wistfully and longingly of its homeland and its loved ones. It was when Her Majesty's Ship, The Ark Royal, took the BBC and 10 million viewers to sea for 10 weeks and the award winning series "Sailor" was born. This is about a ship, a time and a song - her song - "Sailing".

BBC Television began screening a series called 'Sailor', a documentary about life onboard H.M.S. Ark Royal. Rod Stewart's song 'I am sailing' was used as the title theme tune for the series. The series was enormously popular with the public and inspired Robin to want to paint another subject from life. Immediately he began to make plans and contacts in anticipation of at least one canvas to commemorate the great ship's decommissioning in two years' time. At the time, the Ark Royal was thought to be Britain's last aircraft carrier and last capital surface ship of any size.

Marine painting: HMS Ark Royal

H.M.S. Ark Royal

Oil on canvas
20" x 30" (51 cm x 76 cm)
1978 Sold by Alexander Galleries
And thus to a private collector.

Marine painting: HMS Ark Royal

H.M.S. Ark Royal

Oil on canvas
20" x 30" (51 cm x 76 cm)

Purchased by Peter Cadbury
Then Chairman of Westward Television Ltd.

Presented to 'The City of Plymouth' on Thursday 24th April 1980.

Photo of Robin Brooks and Rear Admiral Ted Anson at RN Naval Base Yeovilton

Robin Brooks and Rear Admiral Ted Anson (Former Captain of HMS Ark Royal) at RN Naval Base, Yeovilton 1980.

Presenting the marine painting of HMS Ark Royal to the City of Plymouth in 1976

Peter Cadbury, Chairman of Westward Television, presenting the painting 'HMS Ark Royal' to the Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Cllr G. Jinks 1980.

Photo of the Ark Royal in 1978

'HMS Ark Royal' decommissioning at Plymouth Dockyard and the faithful Volvo 245, 1978/9.

Sailor's cap ribbon from HMS Ark Royal

Sailors cap ribbon from H.M.S. Ark Royal presented to Robin by Captain Anson onboard.

Photo of HMS Ark Royal and HMS Invincible

'The Old and the New'
New Carrier H.M.S. Invincible 1980 steams past,
H.M.S. Ark Royal awaiting scrapping.

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