HMS Exeter Wreck Found (1931-1942)

Java Sea Revisited: The HMS Exeter Expedition

Official Photos: HMS Exeter Found

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Black and white photo of HMS Exeter

1A) One of the last clear photographs of HMS Exeter in 'fighting trim', taken two weeks before her demise, as she fights off Japanese aircraft with her anti-aircraft guns, in the vicinity of Bangka Island.

Sonar scan image of HMS Exeter

1B) The very first view we saw of HMS Exeter after being lost for 65 years, as seen on this side scan sonar image. (Image courtesy Vidar Skoglie.)

A chart of the Java Sea

1C) A chart of the Java Sea showing pertinent exit routes and/or where specific naval engagements took place on those fateful days in late February / early March 1942.

A Japanese chart of all the ships courses

1D) An 'official' Japanese chart of the courses steered by all the ships involved in the 'Exeter' battle, both Allied and Japanese, up to when HMS Exeter and HMS Encounter were sunk (top right). Strangely, missing from the Japanese course track is HIJMS Inazuma, the destroyer that is credited with administering the 'coup de grace' to HMS Exeter.

Technical specifications for HMS Exeter

1E) A brief history and technical specifications for HMS Exeter.

Ships crest / insignia for HMS Exeter

1F) HMS Exeter's insignia or 'ships crest'. Her motto, 'Semper Fidelis' (Always Faithful)

Ships crest / insignia for HMS Exeter

1G) The 2007 HMS Exeter discovery 'team' left to right; Phil Yeutter (Capt. USN retired), Alice Skoglie, Vidar Skoglie and Kevin Denlay with the Royal Navy Ensign Denlay 'flew' over the wreck for the first time in 65 years.

The HMS Exeter Diving Team

2) The April 2008 team, with Royal Navy Ensign and Explorers Club flag, left to right, Vidar Skoglie, Alice Skoglie: Back row; Stan Moderate, Dieter Kops, Phil Yeutter, Kevin Denlay. Front row; William McIntosh, Steve Dearnley, John Horsburgh, Jim Gow. Average age of divers (not including Alice) 60 years! Average years diving experience 36 years! Obviously, when experience counts, you can count on experience. (The bottle on the table , supplied by ex RN submariner Stan Moderate, is Pussers Rum, the genuine article as served on Royal Navy ships, and of which we did partake in a 'toast' to honour the fallen.)

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