Divers find HMS Exeter Wreck in Java Sea

Photos of Diving Equipment used by the HMS Exeter Diving Expedition

Official Diving Expedition Photos, Page 6: Diving Equipment

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Flags and diving equipment
27) Expedition member Kevin Denlay, here with some of his equipment, carried Explorers Club Flag #46 on the expedition. On the left is his Mk15.5 closed circuit rebreather (CCR), in centre is his Nexus/Nikon D200 underwater digital camera system used to capture the photos seen above, and to the right a High Definition video camera system mounted on his Silent Submerge underwater scooter.
Diving equipment
28) Kevin's Mk15.5 CCR with its cover off showing the two cylindrical spheres that hold the breathing gas and the large circular 'scrubber' device at the top that removes Co2 from the recycled gas in the close circuit breathing loop, out of which stretch the actual breathing hoses.
Photo of Amphibico Phenom underwater camera housing

29) And Amphibico Phenom underwater camera housing (with Halcyon HID video lights and Amphibico monitor attached) encasing a Sony High Definition video camera, all mounted on a Silent Submerge UV-26 underwater scooter was the weapon of choice for the filming and survey runs.

Diving photo

30) Loaded for bear and ready to go! Laden down with both a digital stills camera system and a scooter mounted video system, Kevin waits on the elevator lift on the stern of MV Empress ready to descend.

Kevin Denlay

31) Kevin also 'flys' a 'flag' of the Explorers Club (New York) on his dive mask over his (blind) right eye. Seen here decompressing mid-water using his Mk15.5 closed circuit rebreather (CCR) on his way back 'topside' after a long dive filming the wreck, his camera gear and 'bailout' cylinder having already been 'handed' off to a surface support diver.

HMS Exeter Java Sea Remembered

32) Tools of the trade. At left a diver stands ready to deploy a side scan sonar 'tow fish' while to the right the skipper intently studies a chart of the Java Sea whilst discussing locations with a Javanese fisherman.

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