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HMS Exeter sinking in World War 2, HMS Encounter, and HMS Exeter D89

Historic Photos of HMS Exeter and HMS Encounter, Page 5

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Photo of HMS Exeter sinking

23) One of two last known photographs of HMS Exeter's final moments, taken 'bow on' from a Japanese scout plane, just moments before the legendary cruiser continued her roll to starboard and sank. Both forward eight inch turrets (A and B, and C aft for that matter) point at an acute angle off to starboard and 'sternwards' and if one looks very closely the rear hatchway to B turret can be seen to be open, a black smudge in the picture. This was actually confirmed to be so by the divers on the wreck. The 'silvery' coloured water covering the top half of the photo is an oil slick. A Japanese torpedo has almost severed the bow where the red arrow points (just forward of A turret).

Photo of HMS Exeter D89

24) The legend continues! The current HMS Exeter (D89), a Type 42 Destroyer and a proud veteran of the Falklands War, has more than upheld the traditional Exeter motto, “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful).

HMS Encounter

25)The WW11 destroyer HMS Encounter, captained by the courageous 'Rattler' Morgan, fought to the last alongside HMS Exeter, eventually succumbing just several miles away, yet still now keeps an ever watchful eye over her old consort.

HMS Exeter Java Sea Remembered

26) The expedition's name 'Java Sea Revisited – The HMS Exeter Expedition 2008' and the flags that were 'flown'; an Explorers Club Flag (and logo) and a Royal Navy Ensign (and Exeter's ships crest). The background comes from a stamp; part of a set issued in Tanzania, depicting the fateful moment HMS Exeter took an 8” shell hit to her boiler room, courtesy of HIJMS Haguro, on the afternoon of February 27th, 1942, during the forlorn Battle of the Java Sea. (Naval ode, author unknown.)

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