HMS Exeter (WW2): Underwater Photos

Photos: HMS Exeter, Royal Navy White Ensign

Official HMS Exeter Underwater Photos, Page 4

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Port side forward bridge window

18)The port side forward corner of the open upper bridge on HMS Exeter, showing a coral encrusted pane of glass nearest the camera, and two 'spaces' where other panes have fallen, or been blown, out.

HMS Exeter open bridge windows

19) The same port side corner of the open upper bridge on HMS Exeter, taken from a slightly lower angle, (pane of glass from previous image lower left corner) showing the evident battle damage to the forward port side of the bridge superstructure itself (upper right).

HMS Exeter upper bridge windows

20)Another photo of the damaged area port side of bridge superstructure on HMS Exeter, taken from slightly 'higher', shows the open upper bridge windows to the left, the battle damaged port side of the bridge centre, and if one looks closely a circular porthole upper right (identifying this helps orientate the next image).

Porthole and bathtub

21)The same circular porthole from previous image (20) is now almost dead centre in this photo, with a white bathtub evident inside the battle damaged lower bridge at upper centre of this picture on HMS Exeter.

Royal Navy ensign

22)A final image of the Royal Navy White ensign that the 2008 group left 'flying' in the ocean currents that sweep over the wreck, in honour of HMS Exeter's gallant crew and their shipmates who perished and still lay entombed.

They have no grave but the cruel sea.
No Flowers at their head.
A rusting hulk is their tombstone.
At rest on the ocean bed.

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