Official HMS Exeter (WW2) Diving Photos

HMS Exeter Wreck: Guide to Locations Photographed

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Sonar scan image of HMS Exeter

3)The wreck of HMS Exeter lays on its starboard side, so the side you are 'looking at' in this black and white historical image is the side that is now facing upwards. Match the numbered colour photos to the RED number on the black and white historical image of HMS Exeter and you have exactly where the photo was taken. For ease of identification this image best viewed at 200% magnification!

HMS Exeter wreck with Royal Navy Ensign and tropical fish

4)A lone Batfish performs a 'swim-by' of the Royal Navy Ensign that the 2008 group left attached to the triple port torpedo tubes on HMS Exeter.

Diver with HMS Exeter

5)A diver peers into the 'enclosure' where the port triple torpedo tubes are mounted on HMS Exeter.

HMS Exeter torpedo tubes

6)The 'business end' of the port triple torpedo tubes on HMS Exeter.

Empty torpedo tubes

7)Empty torpedo tubes! Confirmation that the port triple torpedo tubes are empty, as stated by the survivors, having fired them off at the two Japanese heavy cruisers to the north, HIJMS Myoko and HIJMS Ashigara, just prior to sinking.

Royal Navy flag and divers

8)Two divers, lower right, appearing as they swim up over the deck edge opposite the Royal Navy Ensign, their torch beams like ‘light sabers’ in the gloom.


9)An open hatchway beneath the aft director station on HMS Exeter.

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