HMS Exeter, 1931-1942

HMS Exeter Sinking

Photograph of HMS Exeter sinking in World War 2.

One of two last known photographs of HMS Exeter's final moments, taken 'bow on' from a Japanese scout plane, just moments before the legendary cruiser continued her roll to starboard and sank. Both forward eight inch turrets (A and B, and C aft for that matter) point at an acute angle off to port and 'sternwards' and if one looks very closely the rear hatchway to B turret can be seen to be open, a black smudge in the picture. This was actually confirmed to be so by the divers on the wreck. The 'silvery' coloured water covering the top half of the photo is an oil slick. A Japanese torpedo has almost severed the bow where the red arrow points (just forward of A turret).

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