HMS Exeter

The last surviving Falklands warship still in commission in the Royal Navy

HMS Exeter crest
"Semper Fidelis"

HMS Exeter is a Type 42 Destroyer. She was built by Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Limited, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. Her keel was laid on 22nd July 1976. Exeter was launched by Lady Mully in 1976. Exeter is the fifth ship to bear the name in the Royal Navy. She was commissioned in 1980, under the command of Captain Jeremy Dreyer RN. In the Falklands conflict, under the command of Captain Hugh Balfour, she served with distinction, being involved in air defence of the Task Force and gaining battle honours. She has visited most areas of the globe in her long career.

Facts and Figures

Displacement: 4,100 tons full load. Length: 463ft. Beam: 49ft. Draught: 19ft. Armament: Sea Dart surface-to-air missile twin launcher, one 4.5in Mk. 8 gun; helicopter-launched Mk.44 torpedoes; six Mk. 46 anti-submarine torpedo tubes in triple mountings. Aircraft: one Lynx Mk.2 helicopter. Propulsion: two Rolls-Royce Olympus TM3B gas turbines for full power (56,000 s.h.p.) and two Rolls-Royce Tyne RM14 gas turbines for cruising (8,500 s.h.p.); two shafts. Speed: 30 knots. Range: 4,000 miles at 18 knots. Complement: 280.
These figures relate as commissioned 1980.

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