Special Ships

Danmark and U.S. Eagle

The following collection of paintings represents some works commissioned or painted over the last 35 years.

The ships portrayed are special to the artist for a variety of reasons, such as the privilege of working for the late Ray Chandler, a veteran of the sinking of HMS Dorsetshire in 1942 or association with Bill Allan, HMS Ark Royal's navigating officer, on her last commission. This helped the artist gain a personal insight into the life and and soul of this great ship.

In the more abstract sense, when the artist visited the Chesapeake Mill, he was able to gain a sense of the past, in experiencing the historic workings of the building as a mill, which encompassed its previous life and history as the frigate, the USS Chesapeake.

The USA Bicentenary 1776 - 1976

The 200th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was a special day of celebration throughout the United States. 'Operation Sail' saw one of the greatest sailing events of the century, when Tall Ships from all over the world sailed across the Atlantic to the U.S. East Coast. The commemorations were marked by the visits of the Tall Ships to several major ports.

Robin Brooks was commissioned by an American Collector to visit New York and Baltimore to paint two canvases marking this historic event. The two canvases particularly featured the U.S. Coast guard 'Eagle' and the Danish sail training vessel 'Danmark', together with the Italian 'Amerigo Vespucci'. The two canvases, begun from life in America, were brought back to the UK and completed in the studio by the late autumn of 1976. 1976 was a significant year for Robin and his wife Mary, as their second child, Rupert, was born in April. In the autumn, the two canvases were nearing completion and ready to be despatched.

Marine painting: Danmark leads the Amerigo Vespucci in the Chesapeake Bay

Danmark leads the Amerigo Vespucci in the Chesapeake Bay, 1976. Oil on canvas 30" x 40" (76cm x 101.5cm)
Exhibited at the Purnell Galleries, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Marine painting: US Coastguard Eagle leaving Baltimore, 1976

US Coastguard Eagle Leaving Baltimore 1976.
Oil on canvas 30" x 40" (76 cm x 101.5 cm)
Exhibited at the Purnell Galleries, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Mizzen Flag hoist on Gorch Fock II To the left - Mizzen flag hoist on Gorch Fock II flutters in the breeze.
Baltimore, 1976.

To the right - Construction well advanced on Pride of Baltimore. This hand built reconstruction of one of the famous Baltimore Clippers was begun in 1976.
Pride of Baltimore has sailed around the world.

Construction work on Pride of Baltimore

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