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Robin's Articles

  1. Article List
  2. Bucentaure and the Battle of Trafalgar
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Captain Cook's Voyages

  1. Captain Cook's Voyages: the Series
  2. Captain Cook's First Voyage: Marine Paintings
  3. Captain Cook's First Voyage: Description
  4. Summary of Captain Cook's Second Voyage
  5. Captain Cook's Second Voyage: Marine Paintings
  6. Captain Cook's Second Voyage: Marine Paintings, part 2: Resolution, Adventure, and Captain Tobias Furneaux
  7. Captain Cook's Second Voyage: Marine Paintings, part 3: Antarctic Regions, Icebergs, Penguins
  8. We directed our course into the Channel
  9. We stretched to the southward
  10. First sentinels of the frozen south
  11. We stood along the edge
  12. Fetched Furneaux for breakfast
  13. As for Resolution (2)
  14. Reluctant admiration
  15. Chinstrap penguins on an ice floe
  16. Much more precious than gold
  17. Lost in the clouds (Forbidding Coast)
  18. The unknown seas
  19. The birds were our only companions
  20. Homeward bound
  21. Thanks to those who helped Robin with his Captain Cook research
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Battle of Trafalgar Series

  1. The Battle of Trafalgar Series 1: The Defining Moment, Trafalgar 1805
  2. What's happening in 'The Defining Moment'?
  3. British Fleet Track Diagram, Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
  4. The Power and the Glory
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Brixham Trawlers

  1. Brixham Trawlers: Marine Paintings
  2. Brixham Trawlers: Marine Paintings, page 2
  3. Sketchbook and Acknowledgements
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Special Ships

  1. Special Ships: Danmark, US Eagle
  2. Special Ships 2: HMS Repulse
  3. Special Ships 3: HMS Dorsetshire
  4. Special Ships 4: HMS Resolution and HMS Adventure
  5. Special Ships page 5: HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake
  6. Shannon and Chesapeake: Don't Give Up the Ship
  7. Shannon and Chesapeake: The Chesapeake Mill
  8. Special Ships page 6: HMS Ark Royal
  9. Special Ships page 7: HMS Exeter
  10. HMS Exeter, page 2
  11. HMS Exeter: Background Information
  12. In the shipyard, painting HMS Exeter
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Gift Certificates and Commissioning Paintings

  1. Gift Certificates
  2. Gift Certificate - Inside View
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Prints and Framing

  1. Prints and Framing
  2. Worldwide Service
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  1. Site Map
  2. Accessibility: User Information
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Copyright Information
  5. Under Construction
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