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Two New Original Marine Paintings from the Captain Cook Series

Worst of All Losses
'Worst of All Losses'
September 1768

Down Amongst the Ice Islands
'Down Amongst the Ice Islands'
January 1773

HMS Exeter (1931-1942) Memorial Service in the Java Sea

Ships Company, visiting dignitaries and HMS Exeter survivors On Sunday the 27th of July 2008 the Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Kent held a memorial service over the wreck site of the sunken World War II cruiser HMS Exeter in the Java Sea. In attendance besides the ship's company were four HMS Exeter survivors and their accompanying carers, visiting dignitaries, a media contingent and one of the divers involved in the discovery of the wreck. Click here to see a new page of photos from the memorial service and from a visit to the cemetery in Jakarta where fourteen of HMS Exeter's dead are now buried.

Captain Cook book cover

The Voyages of Captain Cook
Anthony Cornish

101 Questions and Answers about the Explorer and his
Three Great Scientific Expeditions
Published by Conway

This splendid little hardback is a welcome addition to the extensive works already published on Cook. It surely fills a gap in the market. The slim volume is excellently produced, exuding a quality feel. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with many black and white images and several colour plates. The attractive front cover design is taken from the series of paintings by Robin Brooks and features a detail from,

"Triumph of the Navigators: Endeavour July 13th 1771"

Also complimenting the colour section is another painting from the series entitled "We stood along the edge, 14th December 1772"

Illegal Prints

We have recently been informed that a number of illegal copies of a Robin Brooks original painting have been made and offered for sale as a Limited Edition canvas print on the internet website 'eBay'. The painting is entitled "We stood along the edge, 54° 92' south, 14th December 1772". The original painting was sold at Christies, London in November 1991.

The fraudulent print taken from this painting, was not only made without authorisation from Black Dog Studios or the artist, but also carries a faked or copied artist's signature.

The buyer should be aware that such prints are an infringement of U.K. copyright law and are most likely to have been reproduced with inferior quality paper/canvas and inks. Prints of Robin Brooks' paintings are exclusive to Black Dog Studios.

For more information on copyright, see our 'Print Information' page on the Black Dog Studios, Marine web page.

eBay have since removed this listing.

The painting 'As for Resolution' was chosen for the cover of Peter Aughton's new book 'Voyages that changed the World'. The book tells the stories of some the most momentous voyages of discovery.

Published August 2007 by Quercus books.
ISBN 9781847242082

Book cover of Voyages that changed the world

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