Marine Prints by Robin Brooks

Robin Brooks' marine prints and limited editions are unique and exclusive to Black Dog Studios online gallery. Buy with confidence. We guarantee our prints to be genuine and in perfect condition. We do not supply other galleries or online galleries.

Authenticity for the Marine Art Collector

Paintings and prints by Robin Brooks are offered for sale, both on the internet and in galleries and auction houses. Before purchasing any painting or print from a source other than Black Dog Studios, it is important to be confident of a painting's authenticity and condition. Black Dog Studios is usually able to confirm a painting's authenticity, approximate year of execution and subject matter. We will be pleased to do this from a photograph or digital image.

If offered a limited edition, or a signed or an open print, it is important to be able to trust the seller's description as to its condition and authenticity. We will be pleased to assist, on receipt of a photograph, but it can not be stressed how important it is to deal with a reputable seller.

All our prints are guaranteed to be in mint condition and genuine. Black Dog Studios offer a full refund.
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The Marine Art of Robin Brooks - Marine Print Collection

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Subjects currently available in print form include selected paintings from the following series:

Robin Brooks - Marine Paintings

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