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Napoleonic Flag Chart, Fanny Nelson, Trafalgar - The Nelson Touch

Napoleonic Naval Flag Chart
A must have item for any Napoleonic collector, ideal for a study or a hall. A great talking point piece!
Price £50 including post and packing.

Napoleonic Naval code chart

We have a limited number of copies of a French Naval Code Chart. The original chart was captured from the French in 1804. This chart enabled the Royal Navy to break into and understand communications between French coastal fortifications and their French and Spanish naval vessels. The advantage gained by the Royal Navy over the French by the possession of this chart leading up to the Battle of Trafalgar was of great importance in the containment of the French Navy and its eventual defeat.

This colourful and attractive reproduction is the same size as the original, 23½" x 23" (60cm x 58.5cm).

This is a unique opportunity for collectors and those interested in naval activity of the Napoleonic Wars to acquire an interesting and rare piece of history. The chance to acquire this chart is unlikely to ever be repeated.

The Chart works as follows:

Take one flag from the top row - this flag will fly above one flag from the row running down the left hand side. Where the two lines cross on the chart you will find written, in the original French, the meaning of the signal.
(Keep in mind that Britain is the enemy, with France and Spain being in alliance).

'Trafalgar - The Nelson Touch' by David Howarth

Paperback copy
Price £11.00 including post and packing.

Trafalgar - The Nelson Touch - By David Howarth

David Howarth's reconstruction of the Battle of Trafalgar, first published by Collins in 1969, is a masterly and accurate account. He uses contemporary sources, he reveals the state of both fleets, the characters of the commanders and seamen and the emotions and complex manoeuvres of the battle itself.

"One of the most moving studies of Nelson and his final battle that have ever been written ...

This is a book for any reader with a heart to feel and an imagination to be stirred. One seems almost to be on those heaving decks as the two armadas slowly close ..."
The Sunday Times

'The Little Duchess - The Story of Lord Nelson's Wife', book cover

The Little Duchess
- The Story of Lord Nelson's Wife
By Joyce Gordon

The late Joyce Gordon lived and worked on the Isle of Nevis and became fascinated by the story of Fanny Nelson, Horatio's wife. The book is a unique piece of research vividly bringing to life the story of Fanny and her existence, before and after meeting Nelson. It is a well researched piece on an honourable, dignified and fascinating lady, who history has largely ignored.

Paperback copy illustrated in black and white.
Price £11.00 including post and packing.

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