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The following links are warmly recommended by Robin Brooks - Marine Painter

Maritime History

Britannia Naval Research Association


The Nelson Society

A must for anyone interested in the Napoleonic Wars, Lord Nelson and the Georgian sailing navy. The Society publishes a quarterly journal which is packed with a wide variety of subject matter. They also publish occasional books.

The 1805 Club

Like its sister organisation, The Nelson Society, the 1805 Club caters for all those interested in the Napoleonic Wars, Lord Nelson and the Georgian sailing navy, but it also has the added bonus of carrying out restoration projects to tombs and monuments relating to Lord Nelson and seafaring people of the Georgian Era.

The Captain Cook Society

This society offers a wonderful resource to all those who are interested in the voyages, life and times of Captain James Cook.

Society for Nautical Research

Founded in London in 1910 to foster the study of ships and seafaring throughout all ages and in all seas. Publishes the quarterly journal The Mariner's Mirror

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Roy and Lesley Adkins

Authors - a unique husband and wife team, who specialise in archaeological and historical subjects. Recent books have included Trafalgar: the Biography of a Battle, which is published in paperback in hte UK and in the US, where it has the title Nelson's Trafalgar. Their latest book, The War for All the Oceans: From Nelson at the Nile to Napoleon at Waterloo, has just been published in hardback in the UK.
An excellent website.

Richard Hunter, Figurehead Historian

World class figurehead resource.

Heinrich Siemers HMS Victory Website

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Maritime Museums

The National Maritime Museum

There is little I can say about this, as it is so well known as a wonderful resource for artists, historians, model shipwrights, etc.

Pitt Rivers Museum - Oxford

An important collection of artefacts relating to Captain Cook.

The Captain Cook Museum - Whitby, Yorkshire

This unique museum is situated in Grape Lane, Whitby. The museum was formerly John Walker's house, James Cook's mentor and friend. The museum holds a unique collection of items related to Captain Cook and his voyages, set out in a sympathetic and personal manner. It also holds the most impressive model of the Resolution made by the South African model shipwright, Bob Lightly.

The Nelson Birthplace Museum - Norfolk
Robin and Henri at Rochefort

Musée de la Marine - France

Housing a collection from France's maritime past.

Musée de la Marine - Rochefort

A superb museum of France's marine heritage. It houses the capstone of the 74 gun Duguay-Trouin, captured shortly after Trafalgar. She became the British Implacable, which survived until 1947, and then was scuttled under British and French colours in the Channel.
Link from

Brixham Museum

Amongst other things relating to the town, holds an interesting collection of sailing trawler models and photographs relating to their heyday.

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Historic Ships and Replicas

HMS Victory

The Victory Shop

Endeavour Replica

The Endeavour Replica is one of the world's great reproduction ships. It entirely and successfully recreates the presence of the original ship. Through her world tours, she has made the experience of sailing in a small 18th century square rigger available to many.

HMS Exeter

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Marine Research

British Antarctic Survey

This organisation supports the British effort in the Antarctic. The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council. Based in Cambridge, UK, it has for almost 60 years undertaken the majority of Britain's scientific research on or around the Antarctic continent.

Scott Polar Research Institute

Based in Cambridge, a wonderful museum and resource. SPRI is a well known and long established centre for research in both polar regions. It is part of the University of Cambridge.

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Naval and Seafaring Organisations

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Associations (SSAFA)

This organisation helps to provide full community health and social services for service people, families, dependents and support staff. 7,000 volunteers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland provide help for the service and ex-service community.

The Trinity Sailing Trust

Assists the personal development of disadvantaged and disabled young people, through off shore sailing on traditional vessels. Also restores and preserves its vessels as important examples of our maritime heritage. The Trust is based in South Devon UK and currently operates three vessels - the former Brixham sailing trawlers Leader and Provident, and the gaff cutter Golden Vanity.

Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

Exeter Flotilla

Please visit our website at

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Classic Boat

A superbly produced colour magazine dealing mostly with classic yachts, but also including various other nautical subjects. A four page article was published about Robin's paintings in November 1991, entitled 'Son of the land, Master of painting the sea'.

Traditional Boats and Tall Ships Magazine

Publishers of a picture-lead, bi-monthly nautical magazine. Several articles have featured Robin and his paintings.
Sea History Magazine cover

Sea History Magazine

A quarterly magazine published in America by The National Maritime Historical Society. They have featured Robin's research and paintings in 'The Search for the Spirit', Summer 1998.

Spiegel der Zeilvaart

A Dutch seafaring magazine with a broad interest in all things nautical. The magazine has featured Robin's work and both the magazine and website are published in Dutch.

Le Chasse Marée

Country Life Magazine

Superb quality weekly magazine, primarily featuring country life and related issues. Also includes lavish articles on art, antiques and architecture.

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Publishers and Galleries

The Bridgeman Art Library

Includes a range of paintings by Robin Brooks, which are available, via license, for publication.

Conway Maritime Press

Publishers of a fabulous variety of marine historical reference works, including The Ships of Trafalgar by Peter Goodwin, which includes several of Robin's paintings.

Chatham Publishing

Publishers of a fabulous variety of marine historical reference works, including The Captain Cook Encyclopaedia by John Robson, which includes the painting 'Fetched Furneaux for Breakfast'.

Warwick Leadlay Gallery

Specialists in memorabilia commemorating the life and times of Admiral Lord Nelson.


French historical book publishers. Includes Les Grandes Batailles Navales de Salamine à Midway by Laurent Joffrin.
(Currently under construction on 8th May 2007)

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Miscellaneous Links and Friends of Black Dog Studios

Marine Call

Maritime weather forecasts.

Radio 3

Robin is a devoted listener to this unique radio station. He has always appreciated the calm presentation and in depth informed commentary and discussion on music, composers and performers, past and present. The main stay is the quality classical music, which is mostly played in full.
Muffet Monro plate and cup

Muffet Monro

Friend of Black Dog Studios, located at North Leigh Barn, Morchard Bishop, Devon, UK. Superb ceramic design and decoration to commission.

The Chesapeake Mill

The Chesapeake takes on yet another new life, from flour mill to an exciting retail experience. Antiques, home furnishings, gifts, jewellery and much more.

Powderham Castle

Website for the historic Powderham Castle, home of the Courtney Family, Devon, UK. This was where Robin and his mother both lived and worked for a number of years, before Robin became a professional marine painter.

Compassion in World Farming

Black Dog Studios is situated in the heart of rural Devonshire, England. We have many friends and relations who are farmers or involved in agriculture. We as a family passionately believe in the humane treatment of all animals and of humanity's responsibility to the environment. Compassion in World Farming is a charity which campaigns all over the world for the highest standards in farmed animal welfare.

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Web Directories

the community

The Painter's Keys

Robin's website is featured in The Painter's Keys directory, as are Rupert's portraits and figure paintings and Kirsty's Devon landscape paintings and animal portraits.

British Arts, a comprehensive online resource for artists and art buyers

British Arts

Robin's website is listed in British Arts, a comprehensive online resource for artists and art buyers.

Agora Gallery Logo Agora Gallery, Chelsea - SoHo, New York, NY

Contemporary fine art gallery established 1984. Art consulting services to private and corporate art collectors are provided. Locations in the SoHo and Chelsea art districts. Exhibiting painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed media. Artist portfolios are reviewed. The sponsor of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.

Art Industri - The world of art at your fingertips, including artist portfolios, ecards, resources, kids stuff, reference guides, free email, magazine and web design.

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