Robin with one of his marine paintings

Commissioning a Marine Painting

Original Oil Paintings by Robin Brooks

Perhaps you would like to commission an original picture created especially for you. This page explains how to go about doing this. By 'commissioning' a painting, you will be personally involved with the process as Robin endeavours to create the perfect picture for you.

Commissioning a marine painting is very straightforward. Initially, you may like to contact the studio manager without obligation. Mary will be very happy to talk with you, concerning your requirements.

T: 01884 861313

The Commission Process

  1. Informal discussion:

    Contact the studio to discuss your requirements without obligation (size, subject matter, source material, timescale etc.) Marine subjects and ship paintings can be very complex to research and complete as the variety of subject matter ranges from the present day, back through several centuries. The availability and quality of source material will vary according to the date of the required subject. This is one of the main variables in determining the overall cost of the work.
  2. Fixed Price:

    A fixed price is given to the client in writing. This details the proposed size, general composition and approximate timescale for start and completion of the painting.
  3. Agreement:

    If you are happy with the above, then an agreement is made between patron and artist for the commencement of the proposed painting.
  4. Deposit:

    A deposit of 20% is due at the start of the commission. The remaining 80% is due on completion of the painting when the patron is happy with the result. Guarantee information.
  5. Arrange source material:

    Robin begins by gaining the necessary source material in order to commence work. This may be as 'simple' as visiting a client's ship / boat / yacht for sketches and photographs, or as complex as gaining source material such as ships' logs, ships' plans or drafts, photographs, models and archive material from museums or private collections. This process can even lead to Robin having to specially construct models from which to work.
  6. Sketches:

    Robin will make sketches of the planned painting and submit the ideas for your approval.
  7. Painting:

    When you are happy with the composition, Robin will begin the actual painting. Guarantee information.
  8. Completion of painting:

    If possible we can arrange a visit to the studio to view the completed canvas. If it is not possible for you to visit the studio in person, we can arrange for a high quality digital image to be sent to you via post or email.
  9. Framing:

    If required, framing can be carried out. Black Dog Studios offer a superb, bespoke framing service. We specialise in supplying hand made English frames.
  10. Delivery:

    You can either collect your painting from the studio or we can arrange for it to be delivered throughout the UK and anywhere in the world. If delivered, your painting will be professionally packed / crated and sent by specialist shippers. The work will be fully insured.

Stored canvases

Marine Art Price List

The following price list is designed to help a client decide on an approximate size and price for an original oil painting by Robin Brooks. We are sorry that a specific price can not be given. Please refer to the information given above concerning the variables involved in commissioning a marine painting.

Canvas Size 12 x 16
16 x 22
20 x 30
24 x 36
Price in Sterling From
£ 10,000
£ 16,000
£ 20,000
£ 25,000

Commission a painting? Your satisfaction guarantee

When commissioning a painting, it is often a concern of the client,"What would happen if I didn't like the end result?" You may fear that the painting will not capture the idea that you have in mind. This concern is very understandable.

Robin always takes a real pride in his work and is a real perfectionist demanding high standards of himself. Truly, the best reward for the work he does is a happy customer. He would always want you to feel delighted with your painting and feel that it is in all ways something you will treasure forever.

I have never had a customer feel unhappy with a painting" - Robin Brooks

When a commission is undertaken, we ask for a deposit of 20%. This fee is non-refundable. On completion of the painting, if you feel disappointed in any way, then you do not have to accept the painting and the remaining 80% of the fee would not be charged.


"When I saw the painting I was very, very impressed, the colours are vivid and the 'Victory' looks magical... ... I just couldn't believe I was looking at the finished picture. Thank you so much for all your efforts and time spent on this incredible project, Robin. It's been a saga, but what a saga, I shall remember it for ever"
Ben Liebert, Esq.

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