The Worst of All Losses by Robin Brooks
© Robin Brooks 2008

Worst of All Losses
September 1st 1768 HM Endeavour

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Worst of All Losses by Robin Brooks
Worst of All Losses (Detail) by Robin Brooks
Worst of All Losses (Framed) by Robin Brooks
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'Worst of all Losses'
Oil on Canvas laid on panel
7 x 10 inches (18 x 25.5 cm)
Framed Size 18 x 20 inches (46.5 x 51 cm)
Price £2,000 - SOLD

The Worst of all Losses

By Robin Brooks

This new painting is the second interpretation of this subject by the artist. These two paintings are separated in time by almost 15 years (see link at bottom of page).

Under the command of Lieutenant James Cook, the little Endeavour, fully fitted out for an extended cruise of exploration, had sailed from Plymouth England on 26th August 1768. Aboard were 94 people including officers, seamen, some gentlemen and their servants.

One of the great sailing ship voyages and feats of navigation had begun well, but by 1st September 1768, the deteriorating weather was to prove an early test of the little ship and her crew.

"Thursday 1st. Winds Westerly. Course S 70° W. Distance 20 M. Latd in 44° 56'. Longd in West from Greenwich 9°9' W. Bearings at Noon Lizd N 28° 15' D. 109 leagues. Very hard gales with some heavy showers of rain the most part of these 24 hours which brought us under our two courses, broke one of our Main topmast Puttock plates, Washed over board a small boat belonging to the Boatswain and drown'd between 3 and 4 Dozn of our Poultry which was worst of all, towards Noon it moderated so that we could bear our Main topsail close reef'd. At Midnight Wore and stood Southward."

Endeavour had sailed with five boats aboard. A long boat pinnace and a yawl as well as the Boatswain's boat and a skiff belonging to Joseph Banks.

Endeavour was built at Thomas Fishburn's yard at Whitby in Yorkshire and was originally called the Earl of Pembroke and employed in the coal trade before being purchased by the Admiralty and fitted out for an extensive cruise of exploration. Endeavour was 97 feet 8 inches long, 29 feet 2 inches in breadth and weighed 366 tons.

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