Captain Cook's Second Voyage 1772 - 1775

A series of marine paintings by Robin Brooks

'The birds were our only companions', by Robin Brooks

The birds were our only companions

Oil on canvas
12" x 24" (30.5 cm x 61 cm)
Sold at Harrods Gallery and thus to a private collector.

The title for this painting comes from the narrative of Tobias Furneaux, commander of the Adventure. He somewhat mournfully penned the following:

"On 23rd December 1773 Weighed and made sail out of the cove and stood to the eastward to get clear of the straits, which we cleared the same evening, but were baffled for two or three days with light winds before we could clear the coast. When we stood for the SSE till we got into the latitude of 56 south without anything remarkable happening; found a great swell from the southward: at the same time the wind began to blow strong from the SW and began to be very cold and as the ship was low and deep laden, the sea made a continual breach over her which kept us always wet and by her straining, very few of the people were dry in bed or on deck having no shelter to keep the sea from them. The birds were the only companions we had in this vast ocean, except now and then we saw a whale or a porpoise."

Summary of the second voyage

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