Captain Cook's Second Voyage 1772 - 1775

A series of marine paintings by Robin Brooks

'Fetched Furneaux for Breakfast', by Robin Brooks

This painting has been reproduced as a colour plate in the Captain Cook Encyclopaedia edited by John Robson

Fetched Furneaux for Breakfast

Oil on canvas 20" x 40"
(51 cm x 101.5 cm)
In a private collection.

The title refers to a meeting onboard the Resolution on December 14th 1772, when Captain Cook discussed with Furneaux options, should the two ships become separated, which happened a few days later.

I have found the description of both Cook and Forster intriguing. The civility and whimsy of taking breakfast, in this most English manner at the bottom of the world, suggested the title and the painting, 'Fetched Furneaux for Breakfast'.

"At eight o'Clock brought to under a Point of the Ice and sent onboard for Captain Furneaux, fixed on rendezvous in case of separation, agreed on some other matters for the better keeping Company and after breakfast he returned to his Sloop and we made sail along the ice,"
- Taken from the Journals of Captain James Cook.

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