Three paintings of the Battle of Trafalgar by Robin Brooks

'The Defining Moment - Trafalgar 1805', first painting in the Battle of Trafalgar Series

The Defining Moment - Trafalgar 1805

Oil on canvas, 24" x 38" (61cm x 96.5cm)
This painting was privately commissioned in 1998 to commemorate one of the greatest naval battles of the Napoleonic Wars.
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"The artist had painted the 'Bucentaure' in all her splendour, rolling in the mighty swell of the Atlantic, firing her last volley at Admiral Nelson's 'Victory' as she breaks through the Franco-Spanish line. The historical quality of this picture is combined with great artistry. Both classical and rigorous in form, its composition is an important landmark in the voluminous iconography of Trafalgar. La Revue Maritime would like to thank the artist for having given his permission to print this wonderful work of art on the occasion of the Bicentenary"
Francis Vallat - Editor of La Revue Maritime

What makes this painting unique?

On October 18th 2003, Giles Chichester MEP, Member of the European Parliament for the South West and Gibraltar, opened the Black Dog Studios Special Exhibition at Blundell's.

The Exhibition marked the completion of 'The Defining Moment - 1805', a work five years in the making, which was commissioned by Ben Liebert Esq. The original oil on canvas was well received by the specially invited audience of 230, some of whom had travelled from all over the UK as well as from France and Spain. Giles Chichester was introduced by Blundell's Head Master, Jonathan Lee. In his address, Giles Chichester, son of Sir Francis Chichester, an accomplished sailor himself, commented on the artist's penetrating insight into the battle.

Limited Edition marine print of 'The Defining Moment - Trafalgar 1805' by Robin Brooks

The Battle of Trafalgar
Exclusive Limited Edition Print

'The Defining Moment - Trafalgar 1805' has been released as a superb limited edition print. The print is available either as a giclée on canvas, limited to only 100, or as a lithograph on paper, limited to 850. Both prints are made to an extremely high quality.

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Comments about 'The Defining Moment - Trafalgar 1805'

Testimonials for Robin Brooks' Marine Paintings

"I think that it is one of the best pictures I have seen of the battle and I particularly enjoyed the way you have caught the slow inevitability of destruction and horror developing, as the ships creep closer and closer together - very moving indeed."
Captain Richard Campbell OBE Royal Navy

"When I saw the painting, I was very impressed. The colours are vivid and 'Victory' looks magnificent! It was quite an emotional evening for me, as it was for you. I just couldn't believe I was looking at the finished picture! Thank you so much for all your efforts and time spent on this incredible project, Robin. It has been a saga, but what a saga! I shall remember it for ever."
Ben Liebert

"I am delighted that the great work is now completed and I congratulate you most warmly on the final result".
Colin S White FSA, AMA, Director of Trafalgar 200

"Few marine paintings could have involved more research. Here as in all Robin's work, 'The Defining Moment' shows the artist's painterly qualities to stunning effect. His bruch marks seem to have an effortless ease; there is no niggling or fussiness and the end result is a kind of unforced naturalism - a naturalism that captures what Robin calls 'the spirit of the moment'. A great researcher and seeker of the truth he might be, but more than that, Robin is a great artist. Make no mistake about it, 'The Defining Moment' is an important painting."
'The Defining Moment' by Stephen Swann
Traditional Boats and Tall Ships Magazine - December 2003

"'The Defining Moment' not only consolidated his international reputation as one of the nation's finest marine artists, but provided historians with a clearer insight into the battle."
Colin Bradley, Western Morning News

"The execution of such a difficult scene has been beautifully carried out and I very much congratulate Robin Brooks on his splendid picture".
Tim Chavasse, Portugal

'The Defining Moment' has been featured in the BBC One one o'clock news, BBC2's recent feature, 'Trees of Britain' and in many magazine articles relating to Trafalgar as well as in English and French books. It also features on the front cover of France's oldest Marine publication, 'La Revue Maritime'.

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